mermaids and dinosaurs

This project comes from last summer and it was done for Marina’s 4th birthday. We decided to celebrate her birthday at school, where she could enjoy the day with all of her friends. This is something common in private day care schools in Greece as long as you prepare everything and then tidy everything up. She had a Barbie Mermaid cake and similar plates and cups. Although I was a huge Barbie fan when I was a kid now I don’t like her at all. But it was not my party and Marina picked what she wanted for herself.


I only took care of the party favors. I wanted to make something cute and easy. A toy that could fit in a pocket and hopefully last for many many years. After searching for many hours in Etsy I ended up to this mermaid for the girls and to these dinosaurs for the boys. I made 21 mermaids and 12 dinosaurs and it was so much fun!  I put them in small card boxes, decorated them with stamps and stickers and inside I put a small card to thank her classmates for celebrating with her this special day.


It takes lots of time to prepare these things but they leave good memories behind them. My goodness, what am I going to do when my children grow up?


Any Questions?

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