the princess who wanted the moon

Last night we read with my daughter an amazing book by Zoe Valasi. It is called “Η βασιλοπούλα που ζητούσε το φεγγάρι” (in Greek) and it could be translated as “The princess who wanted the moon”.

It is a book about a princess who wanted the moon and the people of her land started fighting about what is the moon and who will get it for her. In the end, a war burst out in the town and everything was destroyed, apart from the moon which kept on shining in the sky. It’s a story that shows how a paranoid idea can make people quarrel and hate each other and how easy it is to turn from peace to war.

It is written in verse and reminds of classic tales that our grandparents used to tell us. We read it twice and it seems that we will read it many mores time until we return it to the library.  I am also thinking of making a puppet or a doll theater based on this story.  This pattern of Medieval Castle (Etsy) or this Castle Puppet Theater (free pattern) seem to be ideal and I will only add a few more characters. It will take some time to make it but it looks like a good way to talk to very young children about war.

There is no need to say how much I love reading books with my children. Especially if they are so good as this one.


Any Questions?

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