I was supposed to make this bag last September but it was not finished until late February.  Better late than never!

backpack_1It is based on the pattern “Backpack Sewing Pattern” by luckypennymake. The only change I made was to sew the straps instead of using Velcro because it will be used as a book bag and I don’t know if Velcro can be strong enough for books.


What I don’t know though, is whether children do like such artistic items or if they prefer  products with princesses and heroes that come from movies etc. What a question! They definitely prefer the latter and I believe that we must not be strict and don’t buy such products at all in order to satisfy our personal tastes and ideology. What we must do though, is offer them both. For example, they can have a princess bag for school and a handmade bag for when they visit the library. They must be introduced to both the commercial and the artistic worlds and they will then decide by themselves what suits them best. What I do hope, is that I do not oblige my children use items that they don’t like and they may even embarrass them. I remember that this was happening in the past when handmade items were not so popular and let’s be honest to ourselves, not so beautiful. Now, with all these amazing yarns, fabrics, buttons, ribbons and whatever one can image, we can make small pieces of art that everyone will admire.

ps.: the photos were taken by my dear hubby ❤


Any Questions?

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