satin shading or needle painting

I am so excited. So so so excited. Last night I discovered through the Royal School of Needlework the technique of satin shading or needle painting and the amazing artist Trish Burr. My goodness! Have you ever seen needle painting works? If not, Google the terms, or even better do a search at Pinterest and the next second you will be left speechless. And at this point I admit that I am completely unacceptable because a few months ago I was given a huge needle painting work, that belonged to a relative of mine who passed away, and I kept it in our office, behind a sofa, because I thought it was too classic for our living room!!! I don’t remember its size but it must be something like 150cmx90cm (when I go back home I will measure it). It depicts a beautiful lake with ducks, some of them flying and others just floating on the water surface.  At the background there is a snowy mountain. The birthplace of this embroidery must have been China because that relative had a brother who used to travel a lot to China in the 50s and 60s.  And yes, it is from that time. Last Christmas, we decided to put it in our living room and since then, every time I pass in front of it I can’t stop admiring it. At the beginning I could not decide if the sky, the mountain, and the water were hand embroidered or if it was the fabric like this. But now, that I browsed so many similar works I am 100% sure that it is embroidered.

Trish Burr is a needle painting designer and teacher and her work is unbelievable. She has an Etsy shop, from where I immediately bought a beginner’s kit to learn the technique. I am looking forward to receive it and I hope to understand the stitches and manage to make a good piece out of it. She will teach a day class at the Royal School of Needlework on June 24.

Finally, Trish Burr has a motto that speaks to my heart “Embroidery forever, housework whenever!“. Yes, my dear! That’s the spirit and that’s how things must be. Thank you for expressing it so well! 🙂


Any Questions?

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