lack of originality

Lately, I can’t stop admiring works from students of the Royal School of Needlework. They are doing masterpieces that I would die to do too. And while browsing the School’s facebook page, I read in a comment that the Certificate/Diploma students do their own designs!  This is something I would never be able to do. I believe that I can embroider, sew, knit or crochet every single thing as long as I have the pattern and instructions in front of me. I am so afraid to use my own imagination that I follow every single stitch and every single colour of the pattern. Lack of imagination? Lack of originality? Lack of inspiration? Call it whatever you want. Surely, this has to do with the fact that I had never had proper art education at school but this is another story.  What I wonder, is whether I can work on this issue somehow now.

There are plenty of things that inspire me, such as nature, my kids, children’s books etc. but I don’t know how to turn them in art.  Probably, first of all I need to pick one kind of craft, e.g. embroidery and then a specific kind of embroidery and devote myself to it. I guess it is not helping if I go from silk shading to blackwork and then from blackwork to cross stitch. And once I decide what I like most, I need to start working on my own style. Or would it be better to create a character in my mind and then bring this character to life through different kind of crafts?  I have no idea and as you can see I am confused!

I understand that designing a pattern and make something out of a pattern are two different things and that a single person may not be able to do both. But, when I see works such as those from the RSN School students I can’t stop thinking about whether and how can I trigger my imagination in order to produce some original work too…


Any Questions?

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