at home

I’m sick which means I am at home which means I am bored.  It is such a pity because the weather is wonderful and we could enjoy a nice weekend going around and having fun. Nevermind, at least D is also at home and I don’t feel alone. Yesterday, the kids where also at home and I felt desperate because I had high fever and no super mother powers at all.

The good news is that I started a blackwork piece based on a pattern included in the Royal School of Needlework Blackwork book by Becky Hogg. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find the appropriate fabric in the neighborhood and I can’t embroider the patterns as they are in the original work but it still looks ok. This is how it looks like right now

20150428_120405 (2)

I like the geometrical beauty of blackwork and I think I will work on it a lot in the future. I just need to find the appropriate materials and more free time!


Any Questions?

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