doll craziness

20150501_225648 (2)

And let the doll craziness begin!  This is the first doll I made out of this pattern.  I bought two more “long leg doll” patterns which I hope to make by the end of the month. I love the dress details but I need to do something with the head. As you can see, it is much bigger than the rest of the body which makes it unsteady. I followed the tip in the pattern about it ,but it didn’t work.  The doll looks much better than in this poor photo. Below, you can see a second photo that I took under the Athenian sun.  It is even worse and I think that the doll went blind after such an exposure! M liked it and keeps on requesting the rest of the dolls.  She needs to wait though because I have plenty of projects to finish soon and some of them have to do with her birthday party in summer 🙂

20150503_154636 (2)


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