I am happy! I am happy for many different reasons but the last days I am happy and excited because my daughter was chosen among all her classmates to write  “ΚΑΛΟ ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ” (which means “have a good summer”) on a blackboard at the celebration of her pre-school for the end of the year.  Her class will make a performance based on an old greek movie where the protagonist, after getting married, goes back to school to continue her studies.  M will be one of the protagonist’s classmates and during the performance she will go to the blackboard and write “ΚΑΛΟ ΚΑΛΟΚΑΙΡΙ”. Well, I know it is silly and it is not a big deal but I am happy that her writing skills are good. I don’t even care if she writes it correctly or if she finally decides not to write it at all. The fact that she tried throughout the year and made her teacher decide that she was the appropriate person for this role is enough.

On second thought, I believe that I would be happy and proud even if she was asked just to sit down and smile.  Probably, I am happy because I see her grow up.



Any Questions?

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