I live in a suburb of Attica, 30 minutes away from the Athens city center by metro.  I commute every day to go to my work which is located at Mets, one of the most beautiful areas of Athens. I love Athens and I love commuting back and forth and seeing all the beautiful things that surround my route.  The highlight of this period is these amazing trees which are everywhere and are currently in full bloom. And although they may be guilty for my allergies, I can’t stop admiring them.

Another highlight is the exhibition of Kim Gordon’s artworks at the Benaki Museum.  What’s exciting is that one day you wake up, you turn on your pc and the first thing you read is that soon you will be able to have a close look at these artworks. I don’t know if they are as good as her music but I know that I have the chance to see them and have an opinion on them. And moreover, those who have the patience to wait in the queue on the opening day, they will see Kim Gordon performing live with her band. For free.

Athens, I love you! Keep on being the best!


Any Questions?

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