Summer projects

Summer vacation is over. Both me and D are back to work and melancholy is running through my veins. We had a fantastic time though.  We relaxed by the beach, we spent lots of time on our balcony drinking cocktails and sky-watching, we ate lots of food and of course we had a very good time with our children.  One of the biggest events was M’s 5th birthday. Oh my! I can’t believe it. I have a 5 year old child, ready to go to kindergarten.  One of her gifts was a Singer’s sewing machine for children which was coming along with my Singer machine that I bought back in 2007.  It is a toy machine doing fake seams but I was extremely happy to give it to my daughter.   I also made her three dolls.  All of them based on patters by Noia Land.



Sorry for the second crappy photo but I finished the masks late in the afternoon and I could not take a better photo with my mobile. I thought that you may want to see them though.

Finally, I did some progress to my silk shading embroidery.

And now it’s time for us to make some big plans. Fingers crossed that everything will go well. I hope to be able to talk about these big plans soon. 🙂


Any Questions?

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