So, here it is! My first needle painting/silk shading (you name it) project. I love it and I am ready to do more.  For the time being I can’t order from my super favourite Trish Burr‘s Etsy shop because paypal doesn’t support Greece any more but I can do some of the free patterns that she offers at her website. I have also ordered two of her books from Amazon which include some patterns too.  I will also try to design some of my own. The only thing that’s left to do is find good fabric in Athens.

Then, when I learn everything I need to know and I am more confident, I want to make some modern projects that I have on my mind. By the way, take a look at Cayce Zavaglia’s embroideries. Aren’t they amazing?  I am sure I cannot go that far but I want to reach a good level in needle painting and free style embroidery and make some good stuff too. 🙂


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