fabric matters

Before I start writing (or better complaining) about fabric, I would like to make a book suggestion. It is the “Colour Confidence in Embroidery” by Trish Burr and it is probably the best book on this subject.  If you are thinking of designing your own patterns but don’t know how to choose the best and most appropriate colours, then this book is for you. It has helped me a lot in understanding how we can make good colour combinations and how we can work the shadows etc.

And now, to the point. As you may have guessed from my posts, I am more than happy to have discovered the technique of needle painting.  I believe that I will never get bored of it but I have a huge problem. I can’t find good fabric. For needle painting you need close weave, good quality cotton fabric.  I don’t have plenty of free time to visit one by one all the fabric stores in my neighborhood and the centre of Athens (if I did, I certainly would) but I went to those that I trust and found nothing. I gave a try to some promising fabrics but the result is not good at all.  And it is not only the result, it is that it is not easy to work the pattern and make the details.  And on top of this, I can’t order online due to the capital controls. Hooray!!!

My last and only hope is London. In a few weeks D and I will go to London for a few days. I have already contacted the Royal School of Needlework to ask if they know of a fabric store where I can find good fabric and they answered almost immediately. So kind of them!  I am so disappointed on this matter that I believe that I will go to this shop just to find out that their last cotton satin yard was sold 10 minutes before I went….

ps: proof that this fabric is not made for needle painting

20151029_073031 (2)


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