Another reason why I loved the trip to London is this:


Magazines! When we were coming back, we had about 2 hours of free time at Heathrow and a few pounds to get rid of. Both of us bought magazines.  My first choice was of course Mollie Makes. I read the blog quite a long time and I always wanted to subscribe to the magazine. But first, I wanted to browse an issue to make sure that it is what I really want. It didn’t disappoint me. It is exactly what I want to receive in my post box every month. Good projects, interesting interviews, nice ideas and beautiful design.   The second was a Prima’s special issue on Xmas. M and I yesterday baked some cookies base on one of the recipes and they were delicious!

Unfortunately, the Greek magazines lack not only of inspiration but of quality and originality too. Many friends keep on reminding me that the UK is an arts centre attracting some of the best professionals from all over the world. And all these professionals work together to produce the best exhibitions/magazines/university courses/etc.  And this true!


Any Questions?

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